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From the School Governing Body

Dear Parents,

As Chair of Governors I hope to write a message to you all each term to give some idea of the major activities of the governing body at that time. As we move into the last part of the school year the Governors have a number of important tasks to complete. One of the most important is the budget for the next school year. Things have gone pretty well this year, but each year there are new challenges. The Governors continue to try to make the best provision available for all the school within the available resources. Much of this comes down to detailed day-to-day management of all aspects of the school activities, which is done with great skill and imagination by Mr Price and his senior management team. You will be aware of the specifics from the regular communications you receive from the school. Later in the term, in our last meeting of the term we will be reviewing our activities over the past year and our priorities for the next and we would welcome any comments from parents on any aspect of the school and its future.

In fact there is a continuing and important role for parents as members of the Governing Body. Some time over the next year we will have a new Instrument of Government which requires still more Parent Governors than we currently have under our present constitution. If any of you think they would be interested in sharing in this important role in supporting the school, please let me know.

Finally on behalf of the school I would like to ask any family which is planning to take holiday during school time to please consult with the school before making a booking. It is of course to be preferred that holidays are taken during the school holiday time, but we all understand there are many reasons why a holiday might be planned during term. Parents may not be aware of the impact that a particular timing might have on their child, especially if it includes the start of a new class. The school will be happy to advise.

Best wishes,

Mr Stuart Heaney,
Chair of Governors


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