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Formal schooling was first established in Digswell in 1816 and was provided by the National Society, a body set up by the Church of England. The school was opened on its present site in 1872 and comprised a single room (now the library), and the headmaster's house (now offices, staff room, medical and stock rooms).

A further room was built in 1893 and extended in 1896 (now the classroom for the Year 1 children). These original buildings lie alongside the Hertford Road (B1000). As the village of Digswell grew and Welwyn Garden City spread northwards, it was necessary to extend the buildings. This was done piecemeal over the years, with the latest new reception classroom added in summer 2002. Our next objective is to build a new hall so that we can meet comfortably as a whole school and extend our educational provision.

The Christian ethos that pervades the school is important in that we hope attitudes of respect, love and care rub off onto the children. The aims of the school reflect this ethos.

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