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  • To help the children develop an understanding of the Christian faith in an atmosphere that fosters spiritual and moral growth.
  • To help the children respect and tolerate the beliefs and ways of life of other races and religions.
  • To provide a loving, caring and secure environment which will assist the intellectual, emotional and physical development of each child and in which each child will feel valued.
  • To provide an environment which enables the school to attain standards of excellence, and which helps each child to realise its full potential.
  • To help the children grow in understanding of the needs and feelings of others and develop relationships which are secure, considerate and open.
  • To help the children experience success and gain confidence and grow in independence.
  • To develop an appreciation of the concepts of fair play and honest competition.
  • To help each child develop a competence in communication.
  • To develop and strengthen links between home and school.
  • To achieve these aims we encourage all children to give of their best and to co-operate and care for others. We encourage co-operation and support from parents.

Ethos and Values

We believe that children should feel secure and happy and seek to achieve this by promoting a sense of caring amongst staff and pupils encapsulated within a Christian ethos and where individuals are made to feel valued and accepted.
Importance is placed on the Daily Act of Worship which is wholly Christian. It is through our Act of Worship, Religious Education lessons, Circle Time and the daily interaction of staff and pupils that our children develop spiritually, morally, culturally, socially, and learn respect and tolerance for each other, for property and for the wider creation. We are pleased at the way our children look out for each other.
We hope that the children have a sense of pride in belonging to the school through the wearing of our uniform.
Achievements are recognised through verbal praise, awarding house points, giving privileges, and are celebrated during our Act of Worship each Friday morning.
The school believes that an element of competition can help children to strive to do better. This is promoted through the school's house system.

School Rules

Always treat other people thoughtfully and with care and kindness
Make sure you don't hurt each other by word or action
Treat other people as you would like them to treat you
Be friendly to visitors to our school
Be polite to your teachers, helpers, visitors and to each other
Try to sort out your problems by listening to others and talking with them.

Share people, our school and everything in it fairly and with everyone
Take your turn when waiting to speak in class or using equipment
Share your games and friends at playtime
Be fair with others when you are using books and equipment together

Respect each other and their property and remember always to be truthful
Never take other people's belongings without permission
Be brave in telling the truth, even though it might be difficult at times

Make sure you behave safely for yourself and other people at all times
Walk about the school sensibly
Watch out for others in the playground
Make sure you tell your teacher, the Headteacher or another adult if you see a stranger without a visitor's badge
Dress sensibly and safely for all activities

Take care of our school and all the things in it
Look after our books and equipment around the school
Look after your uniform
Handle things carefully and keep them in good condition
Return things where they belong when you have finished
Play and work in the proper places at the proper time.
These 'rules' were first drafted by the older children. Every child took the draft home to discuss them with their parents and to make comments. The result is what you read above.


Each child may be awarded house or team points for particularly good work or behaviour. These are recorded on the child's own team point card. Each time a child achieves twelve points, he or she is given a head teacher's award during a Friday Act of Worship. Three headteacher's award earns a certificate of commendation. When a child wins their bronze, silver and gold awards, he or she will earn a prize which is presented at the end of the year.
The houses are GREEN - Bessemer, RED - Becket, YELLOW - Mimram, and BLUE - Cubitt.
All names are connected with the immediate environment. Each child from Year 1 upwards is put into one of these houses and can begin to win house points.


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