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All About St Johnís Church of England Primary School

Our Mission

Our purpose at St Johnís is to provide an all-inclusive, nurturing environment which is underpinned by Christian Values, where children are to receive aspirational, supportive and child-centred learning. As a result, we strive for all of our children to be successful in all areas of school and community life by being: reflective, resilient and responsible.

Our Aims

  • To help the children develop an understanding of the Christian faith in an atmosphere that promotes spiritual and moral growth.
  • To provide a safe, stimulating, loving and engaging environment that supports independence, collaboration, understanding and effective learning.
  • To provide a rich and diverse curriculum that is meaningful, practical and interactive so that children can transfer their knowledge and skills through their successful application.
  • To encourage all pupils to have high expectations, with the guidance and support from staff in both their learning and wellbeing, so that every child can achieve their goals.
  • To equip all pupils with the life-long skills needed to be successful learners and individuals so that they are ready for the next phase of their life and learning.
  • To develop partnerships with parents and all other stakeholders so that, as a school, we can continue developing and growing.

Our Values

At St Johnís we ensure that our Christian Values, which are celebrated and taught monthly, are complimented by British Values, which we see as being universal expectations. Therefore, we teach the children about: democracy, rule of law, liberty and respect. Additional values are celebrated and taught in order to support children in their development as successful learners and responsible citizens, who make positive contributions.

Learning Behaviours

At St Johnís we encourage children to be open minded and positive in their approach to learning and therefore reinforce day to day positive thinking. We believe that making mistakes is the best form of learning and that skills and knowledge can be developed through hard work. We believe that all children should show PRIDE in their learning behaviour and look towards achieving the following learning behaviours:

  • Pride
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Dedication
  • Energy

Resolving Conflict

Our approach, which follows the Ďrestorative justiceí plan aims to: encourage children to understand the impact of their actions; to take responsibility for their actions and to create accountability. This is achieved through educating children in the following areas: respect, responsibility, repair and reintegration.

Our Golden Rules

It is important for everyone that rules are memorable, concise, positive and easy to understand. Therefore, regardless of the right or wrong choice, we are always able to refer to and encourage our expectations for the following:

  • Do Be Safe
  • Do Be Responsible
  • Do Aim High

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